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Let's walk

on the coast one comes to rest

The autumn vacations are about to start. Nothing better than to take a breath of fresh air at the seaside, enjoy peace and relaxation. Time for long walks, delicious take away meals and the fresh sea air.

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At the beach,

The sounds of the rustling of the waves and the blowing of the wind give us a soothing and calming feeling. A coastal walk on the beach of Ostend helps to drown out and calm the storm in your head. In addition, blowing out the wind during a coastal walk is not only beneficial, but also very healthy.

In the woods,

Easterners invariably call it 't Bosje, but the official name of the large green lung of Ostend is the 'Maria-Hendrika Park'. A soft rustling of leaves, sounds of known and unknown birds, the smell of wood, grass and leaves; the forest makes you aware of your surroundings. Your senses are on screen and notice every scent, every sound, image and feeling.


Through the city,

Don't feel like getting lost in the woods or getting blown out by the sea when the autumn sun comes beeping? Then a city walk is ideal for you: a maze of streets to stroll quietly, but also enough cozy establishments to warm up.

Ostend is a city with a very rich history, of which we are all too proud. The walk 'Heritage with Taste' takes you in a tasteful way along a selection of beautiful heritage and delicious restaurants and cafes with authentic Ostend specialties. You can pick up the walk for free at Tourism Ostend (Monacoplein 2).