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5 good reasons to visit Ostend in 2021

Ostend is a popular city, that's a fact. Both Belgians and international tourists visit it more and more, and of course not without reason. The city can be proud of the many things that make it unique and we are convinced that it will still have a lot to offer in 2021. Why is that? You will find out below. We might even be able to convince you to move to Ostend and buy a flat there!

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Good food

It's well known, Belgians love to eat and above all to eat well! Restaurants and cafes may not open their doors right away in 2021, but that can't stop you from discovering the city's delicious cuisine in take away mode. Fish dishes are of course a speciality, but vegetarians will also find their happiness. From a quick meal on the go to a gastronomic dinner, there is something for everyone in Ostend. Five Ostend restaurants are even listed in the Michelin guide.

City of culture

How can we not think of James Ensor, Constant Permeke and the Theater Aan Zee when we mention Ostend? It is a city of culture in heart and soul. Unfortunately we still don't know if the exhibitions and shows will take place next year, but you can already expect interesting events in Ostend.

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A wild range of activities

Even if the big events cannot yet take place due to the coronavirus pandemic, you can still rely on the fun outdoor activities, such as the different walking tours for young and old. If you fancy a long walk, you can learn more about the city with an audio guide. Cycling along the sea dike is also a great idea. There is always something to do in Ostend!

A lively but not crowded city

Whether you are looking for peace and quiet in 2021 or simply the murmurs emanating from the city streets, Ostend is a good choice. With the exception of a few hot summer days, Ostend is never crowded. Yet a warm and lively atmosphere still reigns in the city. Relax in the public park, for example, and then explore the shopping streets and the dike.

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The beach and the sea

In 2020, we have become more aware than ever of the importance of nature. In Ostend you will certainly find the most beautiful piece of nature we have in Belgium, the sea. Every season is different at the coast. In summer the sea offers a good dose of refreshment, while in winter it is best to wear a scarf and warm gloves. However, whatever the season, the sea always attracts a lot of people and will certainly continue to fascinate in 2021.