We miss you!

You know that song by Simon & Garfunkel, The Sound of Silence? Well, here in Ostend at the moment you only hear the sound of silence. The sun shines at its best, no dirt in the sky. Here and there a lost couple on the beach, but otherwise emptiness. Vast emptiness. No screaming children in go-carts, no ice cream stains on the t-shirts, no chatting oldies on the terraces. The sea ripples on, Ostend sleeps.

It has something, that dormant peace, but it feels empty without you. That vibrant, the lively, the sun and the sea share with those other Ostend fans. But we have to be patient. We don't know when exactly, but if we can get out of our pits, then Ostend will be completely ready. Then we will be ready. The keys are shining, the houses and apartments are squatting and we are collecting a laundry list with great activities.

Just a little while longer. In a little while and then we will welcome you again with open arms. Here in Ostend. Here at our office. With even more appetite than before. With great appreciation for all the beautiful messages we received from you.

Take good care of yourself and each other. Push the pause button and enjoy. But come back to Ostend quickly, because we miss you!

Afbeelding We miss you!

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